"Heaven on Earth" Full Movie

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Title : Heaven on Earth

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Lizzi Holzschuh (Hansi Adlgasser), Ilona Massey (Operettendiva Fioritta), Heinz R├╝hmann (Peter Hilpert), Hermann Thimig (Komponist Paul Heller), Hans Moser (Gasthofbesitzer Adlgasser), Theo Lingen (Theaterdirektor Platzer), Adele Sandrock (Tante Adele), Rudolf Carl (Diener Otto)

Movie Plot : A poor composer who should buy a property for his ambitious father-in-law finances with the money, nevertheless, an opera. Together with his friend who must play a husband to his strict rich aunt, he makes to himself a fun from the mistakes which cause her feints.

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