"I Dream Too Much" Full Movie

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Title : I Dream Too Much

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Lily Pons (Annette Monard), Henry Fonda (Johnny Street), Lucille Ball (Gwendolyn Dilley), Eric Blore (Roger Briggs), Osgood Perkins (Paul Darcy), Lucien Littlefield (Hubert Dilley), Mischa Auer (Darcy's Pianist), Paul Porcasi (Uncle Tito), Scotty Beckett (Boy on Carousel), Billy Gilbert (Cook at Cafe (uncredited)), Ferdinand Gottschalk (Snobbish Critic (uncredited)), Clarence Wilson (The Lawyer (uncredited))

Movie Plot : If Columbia could make an acceptable movie star out of opera-diva Grace Moore, then RKO Radio could do the same with Lily Pons. At least that was producer Pandro S. Berman's reasoning when he cast Pons in the 1935 musical romance I Dream too Much. The actress plays Annette, a rural French musical student who marries struggling American composer Jonathan (Henry Fonda). Possessed of a splendid singing voice, our heroine rises to fame on the opera stage, while poor Jonathan continues struggling, supporting himself as a tour guide. Annette eventually saves her marriage by transforming her husband's "masterpiece," a rather turgid modernistic opera, into a light-hearted musical comedy. Lucille Ball, who'd later co-star with Henry Fonda in The Big Street and Yours, Mine and Ours, has a funny minor role as a gum-snapping tourist. Though Lily Pons was at least 10 years older than Fonda, they make an attractive and believable screen couple, adding credibility to this somewhat contrived yarn

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