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Title : Tecumseh

Genre : Western, Drama

Cast : Gojko Mitić (Tecumseh), Annekathrin Bürger (Eileen), Rolf Römer (Simon McKew), Leon Niemczyk (McKew), Milan Beli (Raffael), Wolfgang Greese (Harrison), Gerry Wolff (Newman), Herbert Köfer (Mac), Rolf Ripperger (Barry / Clay), Helmut Schreiber (Procter), Rudolf Ulrich (O'Brian), Ingeborg Krabbe (Frau O'Brian), Günter Schubert (Unterhändler), Winfried Glatzeder (Patterson)

Movie Plot : At the beginning of the 19th century, white settlers regularly make and break treaties with the Native American inhabitants to gain possession of vast hunting grounds at ludicrously low prices without any bloodshed. Harrison, Governor of Indiana, has made and broke no less than fifteen such treaties, driving increasing numbers of Indians out to the infertile West. To put a stop to this criminal practice, the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh tries to unite the Native Americans.

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