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Title : The Time of Love

Genre : Drama

Cast : Zineta Musić ((segment "Kavez")), Neda Spasojević ((segment "Put")), Jovan Janićijević 'Burduš' ((segment "Put")), Ljiljana Krstić ((segment "Kavez")), Bekim Fehmiu (Milija, trubač (segment "Put")), Milica-Carka Jovanovic ((segment "Kavez")), Nada Mlađenović ((segment "Kavez")), Ružica Sokić ((segment "Put")), Vuka Kostić ((segment "Kavez")), Danilo 'Bata' Stojković (Ratko (segment "Put")), Ljiljana Jovanović ((segment "Kavez")), Zoran Ratković ((segment "Kavez")), Taško Načić (Milutin (segment "Put")), Joviša Vojinović ((segment "Kavez")), Pavle Vuisić ((segment "Kavez")), Gizela Vuković ((segment "Put")), Nikola Milić ((segment "Kavez")), Nikola 'Kole' Angelovski ((segment "Kavez")), Slobodan Đurić ((segment "Kavez")), Zoran Ivanović ((segment "Kavez")), Branislav Mladenović ((segment "Kavez"))

Movie Plot : "The Time of Love" is omnibus of two parts. Part I: Experiences and growing up of a 16 years old girl without much of parents' attention. Part II: A brother looks for a husband for his sickly sister, but during that search she finds her true love.

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