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Title : The Love Mates

Genre : Romance

Cast : Alain Delon (Julien Dandieu), Mireille Darc (Agatha), Jane Davenport (Madly), Valentina Cortese (Eva), Pascale de Boysson (Lucienne), Van Doude (L'acheteur de la canne-épée), Billy Kearns (L'acheteur américain), Muse Dalbray (La femme de l'acheteur américain), Carlo Nell (L'épicier ambulant), Jean-Louis Le Goff (L'acheteur des fauteuils), Jean Rupert (L'automobiliste), Maddly Bamy (Madly)

Movie Plot : Julien and Agatha appear to be a great couple, loving, caring and seem to feel complete with each other. Though Julien often gives the impression of being interested in other girls, his lover doesn't care all that much and sometimes even looks like she's encouraging him to do that. It all changes when they meet an American woman who'll change their lives and their perception of love.

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