"The Left-Hand Side of the Fridge" Full Movie

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Title : The Left-Hand Side of the Fridge

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Paul Ahmarani (Christophe), Stéphane Demers (Stéphane), Geneviève Néron (Odile), Jules Philip (Philippe), Alexandrine Agostini (Christina), Michel Laperrière (President of DNR Systems), Marie-Andrée Corneille (Marie-Hélène, soeur de Christophe), Stéphane Crête (), Khanh Hua (Bu), Sylvain Bellemare (Sound man), Elyzabeth Walling (Girl in bar), Robert Morin (Headhunter), Daniel Brière (Daniel Brière), Noël Burton (Anglo CEO)

Movie Plot : Christophe agrees to be filmed by his roommate Stéphane, while he is searching for a meaningful engineering job. Since he voluntarily resigned his job when he was to be moved to quality control, he does not get unemployment benefits, and goes to classes on how to contest the decision.

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