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Title : Closet Space

Genre : Horror

Cast : Melanie Donihoo (Nancy), Jovan Jackson (Dallas), James LaMarr (Jack), Morgan McCarthy (Kristen), Evan Scott (Laurie), Peyton Wetzel (Glen), Tim Wrobel (Professor Polanco), Danielle Jones (Monica), Richard Boatto (Sobajima), Stacy Davidson (University Student), David Gabriel (University Student), Kenneth Haner (Davidson), Mel House (Lance Glenn), Marissa Viso (Female Student #1), Ashley Ziegler (Female Student #2)

Movie Plot : There are thin places between this world and the next where dark, ancient, unfathomable beings chew and dig, moving inexorably closer, driven by alien thoughts and desires. What happens when the hunger for knowledge comes up against the insatiable hunger for flesh? Six grad students learn the answer as they explore the depths of the Closet Space A hastily assembled rescue party turns into a movable feast where mere survival becomes a nearly unreachable goal. Can any of them escape or will the Closet Space claim each one, body and soul?

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