"Your Mother is Cute!" Full Movie

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Title : Your Mother is Cute!

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance

Cast : Ai-Ai de las Alas (Georgia), Anne Curtis (Christine), John Lapus (Junjun), Eugene Domingo (Nanny Ninonu), Luis Manzano (Val), DJ Durano (Delfin), Benjamin Alves (Jojo), Nikki Bacolod (Lisa), Rycharde Everley (Jack Outback), Lou Veloso (Don Emong), Makisig Morales (Super Pinggo), Jojit Lorenzo (Hostage Taker), Cheena Crab (Aunt Gemma), Pen Medina (RP President), Shamaine Buencamino (First Lady), Cristal Neria (First Daughter), Rita Rosario G. Carlos (First Daughter), R.J. Baretto (First Son), Moises Miclat (Gringo), Paris Hitchin (Young Christine), Marielle Alonzo (), Vince Maristela (Young Val), Josie Tagle (), Josie Tagle (Meat Vendor), Roderick Lindayag (Priest)

Movie Plot : Christine frantically flies back in the Philippines to gather evidences that will convince his Australian father not to marry Georgia her estranged mother, who she thinks has abandoned them. She takes with her Ninonu, her nanny for 20 years. Georgia, clueless of her daughter’s dark plans prepares the whole town with all excitement. Meanwhile, Christine cannot believe that Georgia is a successful Patis manufacturer in her town and is well-loved by her neighbors

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