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Title : Whistling in the Dark

Genre : Comedy, Mystery

Cast : Red Skelton (Wally Benton), Conrad Veidt (Joseph Jones), Ann Rutherford (Carol Lambert), Virginia Grey ('Fran' Post), Rags Ragland (Sylvester), Henry O'Neill (Philip Post), Eve Arden ('Buzz' Baker), Paul Stanton (Jennings), Donald Douglas (Deputy Commissioner O'Neill), Don Costello ('Noose' Green), William Tannen (Robert Graves), Reed Hadley (Beau Smith), Mariska Aldrich (Hilda), Lloyd Corrigan (Harvey Upshaw), George M. Carleton (Deputy Commissioner O'Neill), Dorothy Adams (Mrs. Farrell (uncredited)), Billy Bletcher (Radio Effects Man (uncredited)), Al Hill (Flintwood Policeman (uncredited)), Robert Homans (Flintwood Policeman (uncredited)), Ronald R. Rondell (Waiter (uncredited)), Brick Sullivan (Flintwood Policeman (uncredited)), Leon Tyler (Gerald), Joe Devlin (Taxi Driver)

Movie Plot : The operators of 'Silver Haven', a cultish group bilking gullible rich people out of money, is set to inherit a large sum after the deceased woman's heir also dies. Leader Joesph Jones decides to hurry the process along and kidnaps Wally Benton, his fiancé, and a friend, to further this goal. Wally, 'The Fox', is a radio sleuth who solves murders on the air. Jones wants him to devise a perfect murder, and isn't above killing others sloppily along the way to get his foolproof murder plot.

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