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Title : Superman and the Mole-Men

Genre : Drama, Science Fiction, Action, Family, Fantasy

Cast : George Reeves (Superman / Clark Kent), Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane), Beverly Washburn (Child), John T. Bambury (Mole-Man (uncredited)), Tony Boris (Mole-Man (uncredited)), Stephen Carr (Eddie (uncredited)), Byron Foulger (Jeff Reagan), Jeff Corey (Luke Benson), Adrienne Marden (Nurse Ronson (uncredited)), Jerry Maren (Mole-Man (uncredited)), Irene Martin (Esther Pomfrey (uncredited)), John Phillips (Matt (uncredited)), J. Farrell MacDonald (Pop Shannon), Frank Reicher (Hospital Superintendent), Harry Harvey (Doc Saunders (uncredited)), Stanley Andrews (The Sheriff), John Baer (Dr. Reed (uncredited)), Walter Reed (Bill Corrigan), Billy Curtis (Mole-Man (uncredited)), Hal K. Dawson (Chuck Weber), Margia Dean (Mrs. Benson (uncredited)), Phil Warren (Deputy Jim), Ray Walker (John Craig)

Movie Plot : Reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrive in the small town of Silsby to witness the drilling of the world's deepest oil well. The drill, however, has penetrated the underground home of a race of small, furry people who then come to the surface at night to look around. The fact that they glow in the dark scares the townfolk, who form a mob, led by the vicious Luke Benson, intent on killing the strange people. Only Superman has a chance to prevent this tragedy.

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