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Title : Blood Is Dry

Genre : Drama

Cast : Keiji Sada (Takashi Kiguchi), Shinichirô Mikami (Harada), Mari Yoshimura (Yuki Nonaka), Masao Oda (), Kaneko Iwasaki (Ikuyo), Asao Sano (), Yūko Kashiwagi (), Takamaru Sasaki (), Ichirô Sugai ()

Movie Plot : Yoshida's second film, Blood Is Dry (1961), is the story of an employee in an assurance company who threatens to commit suicide when management announces a massive layoff, and recounts how the company uses this threat to its own advantage by turning it into an advertising campaign. The character then crosses the city and comes face to face with his own image at every street corner, as in a hall of mirrors. With the success of the campaign, however, he is no longer a desperate man pointing a gun to his head, but a potential leader who wishes to take advantage of his failed suicide – unless he is simply an image of the People, manufactured by management to further their own cause.

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