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Title : The Virgin Soldiers

Genre : War, Comedy, Drama

Cast : Hywel Bennett (Brigg), Lynn Redgrave (Phillipa Raskin), Nigel Davenport (Sgt Driscoll), Jack Shepherd (Sgt Wellbeloved), Nigel Patrick (RSM Raskin), Rachel Kempson (Mrs Raskin), Michael Gwynn (Lt Col Bromley-Pickering), Tsai Chin (Juicy Lucy), Christopher Timothy (Cpl Brook), Don Hawkins (Tasker), Geoffrey Hughes (Lantry), Roy Holder (Fenwick), Wayne Sleep (Villiers), Riggs O'Hara (Sinclair), Gregory Phillips (Foster), James Cosmo (Waller), Graham Crowden (MO), Dudley Jones (Doctor), Matthew Guinness (Maj Cusper), David Bowie (Soldier), Warren Clarke (Soldier), James Marcus (Soldier), Brenda Bruce (Nursing Sister), Barbara Keogh (WRAC)

Movie Plot : The core of the plot is the romantic triangle formed by the protagonist, a conscripted soldier named Private Brigg; a worldly professional soldier named Sergeant Driscoll, and Phillipa Raskin, the daughter of the Regimental Sergeant Major. The location is a British army base in Singapore during the Malayan Emergency.

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