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Title : Til Death Do Us Part

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Zhang Ziyi (Shang Qinqin), Aaron Kwok (Zhao Deyi), Jiang Wenli (Cook), Cunxin Pu (Qi Quan), Baoqiang Wang (Blabber), Tao Zeru (), Sun Hai-Ying (), Li Danyang (), Cai Guoqing (), Li Jianhua (), Feng Xiaogang (), Jiang Wen (), Lu Chuan ()

Movie Plot : Set in a small Chinese village where HIV virus is spreading rapidly as a result of illicit blood trade, Mo shu wai zhuan revolves around De Yi and Qinqin are both estranged from their respective family because of their disease and unexpectedly find love with each other by their misfortunes.

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