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TV Series: L'École-des-fans[16179] L'École des fans was a Quebec musical show aired on TVA. It was hosted by Charles Lafortune, who is actually hosting Le Cercle and will host the new TV show La classe de 5e, both aired on TVA.Adapted from the French version, L'École des fans was starring Quebec singers and kids of 4 up to 6 years old. During the show, each kid was singing a song of the guest star, accompanied with the child.Musical guests that appeared on L'École des fans included Céline Dion, Garou, Martin Deschamps, Wilfred Le Bouthillier, Michel Louvain, Marjo, Lara Fabian, Kaïn, Mitsou, and Boule Noire.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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