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TV Series: The-Devil-You-Know-(2019)[92968] A journalist races to learn the truth when human remains are found in the home of self-proclaimed Satanist "Pazuzu".
Title The-Devil-You-Know-(2019)
Release Date
Genre Crime, Documentary


Written by Stephen Campbell - May 12, 2020
A powerful examination of mental illness, murder, a broken judicial system, a sensationalist media, and the rotten, apathetic core of white picket fence America I despise the human race. People are ugly and pointless creatures. I sit back and I watch them and they anger me. I should get a medal for murdering these stupid people. Maybe when I'm dead, the gods of chaos shall grant me power. John Alexander Lawson aka. Pazuzu Illah Algarad; Letter to his mother from Central Prison, North Carolina (October 26, 2015) The news media goes into overdrive with the gore and the cons... read the rest.

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